Milking sacred cows, tripping up the status quo, exposing mythology

As most Canadians from coast to coast grapple with frigid Arctic-like weather and snowbank accumulations of the white flakes, in This May Hurt A Bit Stephen Skyvington heats up the temperature in the debate about Canada’s health care system and its future.

Although Stephen and I have never worked together, our interactions over the years made us brothers in arms and colleagues. He worked for the Ontario Medical Association when I was at the Alberta Medical Association. In his province he’s a lobbyist and strategist, and he’s established a reputation as a political pundit.

Stephen is candid about his own health issues and experiences with the Ontario health care system and how they both strengthened his belief about the importance of the private sector and the urgency to replace the taxpayer-funded and government-run state monopoly with a hybrid system like they have in other countries that out-perform us.

He buffs away shibboleths, milks sacred cows and trips up the status quo. In doing so, he undermines and exposes the mythology that has formed a halo over Medicare over the past half-century.

His analysis, political insights and nuggets about Medicare’s ascendancy and its passionate champions remind us that sometimes things are not what they appear to be or what has become folklore.

And, like a physician who is both a generalist and a specialist, he offers a 10-point “care plan” to move Canada’s health care system into the 21st century.

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Canada’s government-run health care system – Medicare -- is a monopoly that prohibits private hospital and private physician care. Medicare is a subpar performer, ranking 10th among 11 advanced countries. Canadians deserve much better! Patients deserve timely access to quality care and choice of hospitals and physicians. Taxpayers deserve much more value for their tax dollars.

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